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Special diets and food intolerances

For ingredients of all food items and beverages served at the Penn Club please download this document.

On our breakfast menu only bacon, sausage and black pudding contain meat. All other items are suitable for vegetarians.

Gluten free
Items on our cooked menu – excluding sausage and black pudding – are suitable. Our yogurt is gluten free. We also provide fresh fruit. We now serveĀ gluten-free bread; please ask when you place you order. A wide range of gluten-free items are available at local supermarkets; please ask Reception for directions.

Lactose free
Soya milk is available during breakfast service. Please ask your waiter.

Nut free
Some products may contain nuts. We do not knowingly use nut based products in food preparation. Cooked items are prepared using sunflower oil.

Please note that a fridge and a freezer is available for guests’ use. If you wish to bring any food for your diet, you are welcome to store and consume it at the Club.